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Would you like to roll up your sleeves and become a volunteer? Tap, serve, clean up, drive, find sponsors, do the dishes, come up with quiz questions, translate, make folders, raise awareness, ... plenty of work!

  • Do you have a suggestions for fundraising activities?

  • Do you want to organize something for Mama Lufuma at your association, school, or company? We are happy to help and/or introduce Mama Lufuma and Congo.

  • Do you have ideas for our projects in Congo?

  • Can you help us find used medical equipment?

  • Can you sew and would you like to be part of our shop's sewing team?

Would you like to be a volunteer in Congo? We can always use a hand!

Woman with Warm Blanket


Wil  would you like to participate in our projects in Matadi? Every year we travel a few weeks work on site to prepare everything for a successful year .

What is expected of you? 

  • You join the Belgian operation

  • You commit to the events

  • You pay all travel costs yourself

  • You are ready to immerse yourself in a new culture in a not obvious country

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