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We are a small-scale non-profit organization that supports Congolese women and children in Matadi (DR Congo). We provide shelter for young mothers and their children in need. Our education center offers local youth daily sewing courses and computer and literacy classes. We also have a library and water source for the neighborhood and do family planning campaigns in and around Matadi.

All our projects aim to improve the lives of the children and young women in Matadi by helping them build a brighter future in a sustainable way.


Girls and young women are often still left out when it comes to education in Congo. Let alone if these girls have unwanted pregnancies. They are forced to leave school to take care of their child, are often ostracized by their family, and end up in great poverty. They lack the means to provide themselves and their children with proper education, while illiteracy is the greatest threat to their development and to their freedom.

That's why we founded Mama Lufuma. We want to strengthen their position in Congolese society by offering decent care and training for them and their children. In addition, we try to prevent these problematic situations by raising awareness and offering women free contraception. 

Would you like to know more about our work?


Lieve and Hyppo, a Belgian-Congolese couple, founded Mama Lufuma in 2007.

Mama Lufuma, Hyppo's mother, had a very hard life in Congo as a single mom. Hyppo is therefore determined to help Congolese mothers in need. Meanwhile, an enthusiastic group of friends and volunteers, both in Belgium and Congo, have joined in.

And we are realizing that dream, step by step: we run a shelter for young single mothers and their children, we're helping them go back to school or learn a trade, so they can become independent. We're also teaching young women to sew, providing knowledge through our library and computer and literacy classes, offering kindergarten classes, doing family planning campaigns… and we keep dreaming.


Thank you for your interest and support!



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