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We are still looking for people who want to help accommodate our girls and kids. At the moment, our budget for food and toiletries is very limited. 

For about €30 per month, we can take care of a child or teenage mom. Thanks to the Belgian tax deductibility, this amounts to 18 euros net per month. This includes “board and lodging”, so food, clothing, toiletries, education ... and a small contribution to the fixed costs of the house.


You will then become the proud financial adoptive parent of a child or teenage mom. Of course, we also welcome smaller monthly contributions! Every euro makes a difference. 

A few sidenotes:

  • Our mothers and children work hard (household, studies, raising children,…) and otherwise lead a very everyday and quiet life, so don't expect big news every month!

  • The aim of our project is to support mothers for a few years until they can stand on their own two feet. Some moms don't settle in the shelter either, we are strict after all. We give opportunities to people, but not every mom is strong enough to realize that opportunity. It is therefore possible that "your" mother or child leaves the shelter at a certain moment and we propose another mother or child.

  • We never pass on contact details to a mom or vice versa. This can only lead to unpleasant situations.

  • We also do not pass on gifts to your mama or child, unless it is a small thing such as a photo or letter. Ten very young moms living together in one house quickly leads to jealousy and quarrels.


Interested? Contact us for more information. We will tell you who's still looking for a financial adoptive parent. You can then easily start the financial adoption by setting up a standing order. The tax certificate is automatically sent by OSJ, usually in the month of March.

Financial adoption, €30 per month via a fixed transfer:

  • OSJ Support Fund – Mama Lufuma
    IBAN: BE14 7360 1595 8483 – BIC: KREDBEBB
    Please state literally “OSJ-Support Fund – Mama Lufuma” as the beneficiary.


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